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The Realize an Accessible Montreal Project is:

Image: QPIRG/GRIP, Quebec Public Interest Research Group logo. Black dandelion on burgundy circle.
Realize an Accessible Montreal Project is sponsored by QPIRG: the Quebec Public Interest Research Group.

Below are links to the Canadian and Quebec Charters of Rights, and the Canadians with Disabilities Act.
My Hero: the winner of Britain's Got Talent 2018
Below are 3 images, vertically displayed, of accessibility symbols.
Picture above: Universal accessibility symbols. Wheelchair & cane users, Braille, sign language, CC, TTY, hearing impairment.
Text: RAMP, Realize an Accessible Montreal Project
Picture above:  Apparently able bodied person standing. Casts shadow of person in wheelchair.
Text: Not every disability is visible.
Picture above: new accessibility symbol. Person in wheelchair actively pushes wheels, leaning forward.
Text: Disability Rights are Civil Rights

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